Guliyar* is from Central Asia. On top of having cerebral palsy, she has only one hand. When her parents discovered her conversion to Christianity, they tried to get her to return to Islam, but Guliyar stood strong. Her family beat her and eventually kicked her out of the house. She was disowned because she would not turn away from Jesus.

Guliyar, along with a group of female Believers from a Muslim Background, were recently arrested during a secret Christian meeting. Police questioned, beat, and jailed all the women. Four of the women recanted their faith and were released the next day. They told the police that they were wrong to have turned from Islam, and that they were forced to become Christians.

Despite the violent encounter with the police, and four ladies recanting their faith, Guliyar and Asel*, another woman at the meeting, stood strong. As a result, they remained in jail for several days. Guliyar has already appeared in court, and she was fined $1 000 (approximately R12 900) for attending illegal religious meetings and for proselytising. There is no further news yet about Asel. Since being released, both women are being closely monitored by the police, making it impossible for them to contact other Christians.

Please pray for both Guliyar and Asel – pray that they will remain strong in the Lord and that God will give them wisdom in carrying out their daily activities. Pray that during this time of isolation from other Christians the Holy Spirit will uplift them.

Thank you for praying for our precious persecuted sisters!