A bird’s eye view

As a denomination, the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) consists of ten (10) synods, of which nine are in South Africa. Namibia is the tenth one. The borders of the synods closely resemble those of the various provinces of South Africa and Namibia.

Every synod has its own regional structure, with a head office situated in the main town/city of that province. Namibia’s office of synod is situated in the country’s capitol, Windhoek, in 46A Schanzen Road.

Every synod also has full jurisdiction over its own affairs. In total there are 1117 (2019) congregations, geographically organized in 136 (2019) presbyteries (circuits). Total membership is 880,439 (2019). At local level (congregation) the church council, with the local pastors (there are 3,780 positions for ordained ministers in the DRC (2019)), are responsible for pastoral care and ministry.

Namibia has 44 congregations with positions for about 50 pastors.

Synod meets every four years

Although the church is predominantly Afrikaans-speaking, it is not exclusively so. Throughout Namibia there are ministries utilizing the Otjiherero and different SAN-languages. Windhoek has a well organized English ministry which is run under die auspices of the Windhoek congregation.

Due to historical and practical reasons, the Katima Mulilo congregation in the Zambezi Region, falls under the Northern Synod of South Africa.

The Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia is committed to her calling in Namibia. By means of a registered Welfare Organization, Ecumenical Social Services or EcSOS in short, the DRCN endeavors to participate in finding solutions with regard to the many socioeconomic challenges which face the country.

Please contact the Office of Synod for more information regarding the DRCN at telephone + 264 61 374350. Or contact the general secretary, Rev Thijs van der Merwe at gensec@ngkn.com.na.