Bright Sight Namibia

Bright Sight Namibia is ‘n fonds wat in Windhoek deur die NG Kerk se sinodale kantoor geadministreer word.

Dit bied hulp aan mense met ernstige oog-probleme wat deur ‘n betreklik eenvoudige intervensie, of deur ‘n eenvoudige hulpmiddel, grootliks verligting van hulle visuele gestremdheid kan verkry, maar wat dit nie kan bekostig nie.

Die fonds is gestig deur ds Gideon van Dam, predikant van die Protestantse Kerke Nederland, wat in 2005 op ‘n werkbesoek aan Namibië ernstige gesigbesering in ‘n motorongeluk opgedoen het. Hy is sedertdien gesiggestrem. Hy en sy vrou het besluit om die geld wat deur die Motor Vehicle Accident Fund van Namibië aan hulle uitbetaal is, aan te wend om Bright Sight Namibia te stig.

Aansoeke om hulp uit die Fonds kan aan die algemene sekretaris van die NG Kerk in Namibië gerig word by [email protected]

In Europa werk Bright Sight Namibia ten nouste saam met Light for the World en word op hulle webblad as strategiese vennoot aangedui (

Bright Sight Namibia funksioneer binne die raamwerk van die CONSTITUTION: BRIGHT SIGHT NAMIBIA (BSN)


Bright Sight Namibia

Bright Sight Namibia is a fund under administration of the Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia Offices situated in Windhoek at 46A Schanzenweg. 

It provides help to people with serious eye deficiencies which could be addressed by means of relatively simple intervention or by means of a simple aid, to give relief of the visual impediment, yet cannot afford such intervention. 

It was founded by ds Gideon van Dam, a minister of the Protestantse Kerke Nederland, who, while on a work-related visit to Namibia in 2005 incurred serious visual damage in a vehicle accident. He is since then visually impaired. He and his spouse decided to donate the compensation he received from the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund of Namibia, to found Bright Sight Namibia. 

Applications for aid from the Fund should be submitted to the general secretary of the Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia at [email protected]

In Europe Bright Sight Namibia is in association of Light for the World and is indicated as a strategic partner on their website (

Bright Sight Namibia functions within the framework of the CONSTITUTION: BRIGHT SIGHT NAMIBIA (BSN)


  1. NAME

The name of the Fund is “Bright Sight Namibia” hereinafter referred to as the “Fund”.


The Fund was established by the Reverend Gideon van Dam and his wife Tineke with an initial deposit of NAD 299,171.71 which was a payout of the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund of Namibia.


3.1          The Fund is a corporate body.

3.2          The Fund is a capital preservation fund.


In this Constitution the following terms will have the meaning as indicated:

Board: Refers to the Board of Trustees as described in Clause 7 hereof.

Bylaws: Additional regulations as promulgated by the Board in terms of Clause 10.3 hereof.

Founder: Refers to Rev Gideon van Dam or someone appointed by him after his demise.

Founder Trustees: Refers to the first Board as approved by the Founder.

Fund: The Bright Sight Namibia Fund as described in this Constitution.

Trustee: Refers to a member of the Board.


The Fund will render services within the territory of the Republic of Namibia.


The objectives of the Fund are to financially assist 1. orphans and vulnerable persons in Namibia who are in need of cataract or other eye-operations; 2. students in ophthalmology.


7.1          The Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of not more that six (6) members, comprising

  • the Founder or his representative(s)
  • a representative from the Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia
  • member(s) of the medical profession
  • representative(s) from other partners

7.2          The first Board will be approved by the Founder and these people will be known as Founder Trustees.

7.3          The Board will have the authority to appoint new Trustees in terms of Clause 9 hereof.


8.1          The Fund is a capital preservation fund of which the Board may only utilize the return in reaching the objectives.

8.2          The Board will manage the Fund through an account in the books of the Office of Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church in Namibia, whose chartered accountant will conduct an annual audit of the Fund.

8.3          The Board invests the monies of the Fund in prudential balanced portfolios seeking maximum return with minimum risk.

8.4          The Board appoints an Operational Committee from its own ranks who will be mandated to approve requests for assistance that comply with conditions set in the Bylaws.

8.5          The Board meets as often as required but at least annually with a view on approving the audited report. The meetings can be executed by Skype or e-mail.

8.6          The running cost of the management of the Board will be borne by the Fund.


9.1          The Board will consist of not more than six (6) members.

9.2          In order to ensure both continuity and alternation in the Board, three (3) Trustees will be appointed in even numbered years for a two-year period and three (3) Trustees will be appointed in odd-numbered years for a two-year period.

9.3          The Founder Trustees will determine by ballot the three (3) Founder Trustees to retire after the first two (2) years.

9.4          Retiring Trustees are eligible for reappointment.

9.5          The Board elects its own chairperson and secretary.


In addition to the duties listed in Clause 8 above the Board’s duties also include:

10.1        The Board will strive to reach the objectives of the Fund.

10.2        The Board will keep sound records of the operations of the Fund, both administrative and financially.

10.3        The Board is authorized to draw up by-laws for the proper functioning of the Fund on condition that such by-laws will not be contrary to this Constitution.

10.4        The Board will seek to network with other role-players who have similar objectives both nationally and internationally.


This Constitution may only be altered or amended by the Board only after the written approval of the Founder.


The Fund may only be disestablished by the Board after written approval of the Founder. In the event of disestablishment, all assets of the Fund must be carried over to an organisation that strive after similar objectives as is described in Clause 6 of this Constitution.

This Constitution was drafted and approved by the Founder

July 2010